Monday, November 11, 2013

When You spend to much on makeup...

It is time to go on a buying ban. I love trying new products, new colors, I want the entire store. But to save some money for the holidays I am banning myself unless it is truly needed, (running out of foundation or concealer).

This also means I am going to fall back in love with some old favorites! Its fun to do that right? I am always so excited when I fall back in love with something that I have. I think its a special thing.

Have you had to do a buying ban? Did it work?


  1. I've done this before and it worked so well for me. I was able to clean out/throw out makeup I never used that accumulated for months which helped make space for things I actually need. I used up products, found some new loves, and got to rebuild my collection with products I actually love! I can't stand clutter so this little makeup buying detox made my life a little easier lol

    1. I hope I get the same results! I love your blog!

    2. thanks!:) love yours too<3 and good luck with the buying ban! definitely took a lot of willpower lol