Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What I'm Watching: Doctor Who Part 1

So last week I wrote my post about what I was watching that week... I don't like that idea very much. I can't get into details on why I enjoy watching a program if I am going through each thing I watch. So I am changing the format of this weekly post! I am going to pick one show from Netflix and do a bit of a marathon of it and tell you all what I think. Now with that being said I want to start this week with Doctor Who.

Doctor Who is an insanely long series to watch from the beginning. With fifty years of airtime (excluding the shows cancellation and recreation), there is just so much to watch and so little time. So I am going to share my thoughts on the reincarnation of the show as that is what made me love the show.

With that narrowed down I decided to focus on the Doctors themselves in the first few posts, (Yes this will continue all month because there is so much to share). So this week I will focus on Nine and Ten.

So lets get to it! I started watching the show on Netflix and fell instantly in love with Nine. I mean who doesn't? And please do not comment with nine hate if you are reading this. I don't think I would have watched the show if nine hadn't been first. Christopher Eccleston is amazing and looks so handsome in his leather jacket.

I am not sure I would have been able to handle the show if he wasn't at the helm, and I wouldn't have loved Rose as much if he didn't love her.... But that is going to be in another post.

I cried when Nine regenerated, I will admit it. I cry when they all regenerate, but nine was my introduction to the show originally and I couldn't stand loosing him when I started watching as a youth. (Note: I am twenty three, why am I talking about myself like this?) But I was pleasantly surprised by Ten.

He has the longest reign as the doctor in the new series, and David Tennants life seems to revolve around the show itself. (The woman who played the doctors daughter, is in fact a previous doctors daughter, and married the David Tennant). Back to the point. Re watching the show for the millionth time for me has been interesting and I am just about to finish the arc of Ten. And what I love about his version of the doctor is how he reacts with his companions. We only ever saw Nine with Rose to this point. Now there is Rose, Martha, and Donna. He acts differently with each of them and it makes for beautiful story telling. I will be reduced to tears again in a few days when I do reach the end of tens story.

I think I will leave it here for now. More about Ten, Eleven, and my thoughts on the new doctor will be coming soon. I apologise if this is a bit nerdy for you, but if you did enjoy my little bit on the Doctors leave a comment and let me know what you think about Nine and Ten!

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