Friday, November 8, 2013

Holiday Marathon #2: Decorating

I love decorating for Thanksgiving, I like having random turkeys around the house. It all started with the hand print turkeys as a kindergartner. So I was poking around the Pier 1 sight and found a few cute things I would love to have around my house. And you can find them all on my luvocracy page Here . Everything is ordered by the week I post it in the month.

Lets start by talking about this adorable turkey table runner. Its so darn cute! The colors are fantastic and festive, but what kills me is the feet! Oh my gosh! My cat would have a field day with this one too.

And then there is this funky guy! I can honestly say I have never seen a turkey like him. I want him in front of my fireplace now! The colors are fun, I mean look at his face! He is such a cool little guy!

I love this little candle, I mean owls are so fun to decorate with. And who doesn't love candles around to flicker in the background of your evening?

To go along with that funky turkey, an adorable leaf owl! I would keep this guy up all year myself. I think its the small part of me that wanted a pet owl after reading Harry Potter the first time.

And finally a hedgehog! I adore hedgehogs! I have a few all around my house, my favorite being a stuffed animal that sits on top of my computer printer. This guy is really cute though, and would probably stay on my porch all year round.

I wish I could get all of these adorable things for my Thanksgiving decorating, but I may be able to splurge on a few of them.

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  1. Super cute stuff! I always find all the little animal themed decorations unbelievably adorable and definitely enough to put anyone in that Thanksgiving mood.