Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I am Watching!

Alright so lets talk TV this week...

Monday: The Voice is finally in the live shows! Both teams were really strong but my favorite to win is Cole Vosbury now on team Blake. He is so talented and has never picked a wrong song in my book. I hate the first battle because they can't choose the song. But he has just impressed me. Here is his performance from Monday.

Tuesday: I spent Tuesday night constantly switching back and forth between shows. The majority of the shows I am loving seem to be on Tuesday. Agents of Shield on ABC and the Biggest Looser on NBC at 8pm. Supernatural and The Voice results at 9! Why do you have to do that to me? Thank god I can go back and fully watch everything later. Thanks internet!

Things I am looking forward to:

White Collar tomorrow! I just love White Collar, it never lets me down. And if you didn't catch it over the summer Graceland is also amazing. Same network, same creator, its just amazing drama.

Friday is usually a going out night for me. I think I am going to Thor...
Saturday is a Netflix night with mom so who knows what we will watch...

So look for this post again next week to see what I watched and what I am looking forward to again. And please share any of your favorites and I will check them out!

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