Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Diet: Weigh In #1

I need to be a bit more healthy, I am above where my BMI number should be. So here is me becoming accountable for my diet by blogging. I will check in every week with a new diet change I am making. Changing everything so quickly will not work, so slow changes to a healthier me!

So first the Weekly Weigh in.

Previous Weight: N/A
Current Weight: 164.4 lbs

What will I be changing this week?

Water! Well... I will be drinking more water. No longer will I be drinking soda, juice, etc. Water and milk, that is it. I know it isn't so glamorous but it is the first change in a long list of changes.

My Current favorite bottled water is Activate, but I am not saying I buy loads of bottled water, my Brita pitcher is well loved and always in need of refilling. But when I am at school it is a quick thing to grab on my way out the door. 

So lets see how I do this week!

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