Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What I'm Wearing

So sadly today I have to go into work. But after my family is coming to the house and we are going to celebrate together. I want to be cute and comfortable all day so this is what I am wearing... (Not exactly, but the look I am going for.

I love cream and gold on Christmas, it is honestly my favorite combo. And I just recently began wearing brown leggings and have been loving them. I finally found riding boots that fit my larger calves so I wear them non stop....

Christmas Eve

Have you put together something for the Eve or is it all about tomorrow? The only reason I am changing into clothes tomorrow is for our annual movie trip. It started with The Lord of the Rings trillogy, and now with the Hobbit films... I am soooo excited to see it. But I will most likely spend the most of my day in pajamas.

I hope you all have an amazing day! Feel free to share your links below!


  1. I bet it looked awesome on you.
    I wore a blue dress, and its colour was the most amazing blue I've ever seen! haha
    Have a wonderful day(is it still time to wish you Merry Christmas? ahaha)