Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Favorites!

So now that I am able to really work on my blog I have decided to also do a monthly favorites!

Alright so lets get to it!

My favorite book I have read this month is by far Fangirl by Raibbow Rowell, Review Here! I honestly connected to this book so quickly it was slightly terrifying. I loved it none the less.

My favorite film this month is by far the Hobbit. It is the second in the trillogy and was fantastic! Go see it if you haven't, and read the book as well. This beautiful film is based on one of my favorite books of all time.

The show I can't stop watching or thinking about this month is Doctor Who, with both the 50th anniversary episode and the Christmas special... how could it not be. It is an amazing show for kids and the kids inside all of us adults.... am I considered an adult?

Song of the month is from the Hobbit, surprise surprise. I See Fire by Ed Sheeran... Christ that song is beautiful on its own, let alone being a song about dwarves attempting to go home. Its love.

And for the beauty items...

I have been loving my Physicians Formula Sexy Booster bronzer. It smells delicious and is the perfect shade for my skin. I have been using it daily to give myself a bit of color.

My NYX Smokey Eye pallet has been getting the most attention this past month.... I have reached pan in two of the colors this month...

The scent I have been wearing all month is my Daisy by Marc Jacobs... its so sweet and fresh... nice for work.

And clothing wise I have been loving jumpers/ sweaters from Old Navy. I went from having none to having four. Three are one sweater in different colors... I have an addiction to them and I do not care. They are super festive and super warm, and honestly the reason I love winter.

That is about it for my favorites this month! Link yours below!


  1. NYX do some lovely stuff, i recently placed an online order, not tried the palettes yet though :) xx

    1. It was a part of a box set I received for my birthday this year. It wouldn't have been my first choice of the palettes, but its nice.