Saturday, December 28, 2013

Style Icon (1)

Every week I am going to share one of my style icons. So lets begin with a modern classic beauty in my oppinion, Dianna Agron!

She has so much grace and elegance it honestly hurts sometimes to think I live in a world where she exists. I mean just look at her! I have compiled a few of my favorite red carpet and photo shoot moments of hers just to express my love of her style.

Honestly I fell in love with her style as Quinn on Glee, but as she has grown more into herself in the spotlight I can't fault her either. This gown is one of my favorite dresses she has ever worn. The light blush is stunning on her, and the curls.... amazing styling.

I love how effortless this look is, and the bold color is lovely. I also love the neckline on her. Is it weird that I am obsessed with her neck? I have a stubby short neck, and Diana Agron does not.

This yellow dress has been a favorite since she wore it. I have always waned a dupe of it. The cut is darling, and I love the black detailing on the yellow.

So here is to you Miss Agron for being a style icon of mine. Here is to hoping for more moments that make me swoon from photo shoots and red carpet moments.