Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What I'm Watching

1. I finished season 2 of Girls.... I didn't like it. What the heck happened to this show? I am not sure if I am going to keep up with season 3... Let me know what you think down below.

(Yes I had to use a Darcy gif)

2. Mad Men.... I am almost done with season 1... I am loving this show! I am also loving the style of this show! I want to wear everything I see the ladies wearing! And Don Draper...

3. Mom and I started watching Breaking Bad together... she is still shocked by what she has seen and I'm like...

And finally Teen Wolf is back. 3B is already the most amazing thing this show has done. Lets just say I have a lot of feelings about this one. My mom came home to me a bit like this....

So that is what I have been watching. Let me know what you think or of anything you think I may like in the future.

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  1. Loving the blog! I've nominated you for The Liebster Award! Details on my blog

    Kate :) x