Saturday, January 11, 2014

A Little Bit of Life

Alright, so lets just get into it!

School... the never ending part of my life. I can't even relax in the idea that I am done with another part of my education and I have to think about certification classes...

I was asked to write about my time at University and I was going to... but then I realized I'm not done yet. I have to take more classes if I want the career I have been dreaming about since I was in the fourth grade! I was so close... yet so far right? Lucky for me I will not have to return to the University I just finished with, what I am looking for is a bit closer to home. But nothing is set in stone so I don't want to jinx anything. So before I really sit down to write that post I am going to talk about my dreams.

My number one goal is to become a writer, I would love to do it full time but the world revolves around money and stability... writing doesn't cut it. So I looked into other interests. Politics always interested me, not my own country's... its so boring. I love watching Parliaments from other countries! Its the best thing ever. If you are not american I want to hug you! Your parliaments are amazing! So I majored in Political Science, and I always wanted to be a teacher... middle school social studies it is!

I can remember skipping recess to help my old kindergarten teacher... I was an oddball...

But writing stories and helping kids learn their letters were my favorite things! So hopefully everything happens soon... Its all a part of growing up.

So to the lovely requester I promise I will post about my time at University. I just am waiting for everything to be finalized with them before I really get into it.

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